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Walk behind street Sweeper machine floor sweeper industrial use


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The OR20 is a new sanitation cleaning machine. It does not require any motor or electric power. It can clean rubbish by pushing the sweeper manually. Applicable to factories, warehouses, properties, communities, parks, scenic spots, farms, railway stations, squares and other places. It can effectively solve the problem of garbage cleaning of cement floor, epoxy floor and corundum wear-resistant floor, and can effectively clean leaves, stones, glass, cigarette butts, paper, nails and dust.
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Industry Used:

    This sweeper is exquisite in design and unique in technology. The whole machine does not need any electromechanical power. The rotation of the tire drives the belt, then drive to rotate the inner "roller brush" and the front two "side brushes", Just push and walk and you can easily recycle your rubbish to the bin.


Push Rod

The push rod can be adjusted to the appropriate angle as needed. After the work is finished, it can be folded and stored to save space.


Universal Wheel
The sweeper has a universal wheel for easier steering.


Flexible And Convenient
The rotation part adopts closed bearing, which makes the whole machine flexible. The power loss can be reduced, more labor-saving than traditional sweeper.

Product Description
20 manual sweeper road sweeper

 Double Brush Design 

Double brush design, clean without residue, high quality bristles, durable and wear resistant.

20 mini street sweeper

 Adjustable Brush 

The main brush and side brushes are made of high-density material, wear-resisting, prolonging service life. The height can be adjusted according to the ground conditions to ensure the cleaning effect.

20 street sweeper for sale

 Wear-Resisting Rubber Roller 

The rear wheel adopts large size rubber roller, which has low noise, wear resistance and longer service life.

20 pure vacuum street sweeper

 Large Capacity Garbage Bin  

The large capacity garbage bin can be loaded more at one time without dumping garbage repeatedly to improve the cleaning efficiency.


产品特点-20 road sweeper with vacuum hose



One Speed
1 Sweeping Width 700mm
2 Working Speed 4km/h
3 Cleaning Efficiency 2800m2/h
4 Trash Bin 14L
5 Net weight 8.8kg
6 Package Dimensions 600*215*680mm
* The product is continuously updated, the color and parameters are slightly changed, please contact us for details!

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40 small garage sweeper

40 commercial garage sweeper

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