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At present, the large road cleaning machines can be divided into two categories in general, one is vacuum type and the other is pure sweep type.1. Pure Vacuum Road Cleaning MachineDuring the work process, using a mechanically driven rotary brush sweeping some light weight rubbish such as paper, plas



Specification for use of driving sweeper

Driving type sweeping machine is currently the most important ground cleaning tools, is widely used in various fields, such as schools, factories, municipal sanitation, residential property and so on. In order not to affect the sweeping efficiency and effectiveness of sweeping machines, during the u



Selection of Accessories For Electric Scrubbing Machine

Brush plate:1. Soft brush: Used to clean the smooth floor or polish2. Nylon brush: for common ground cleaning (standard configuration)3. Hard brush: used to remove stubborn dirt on the ground4. Needle: with the cleaning pad, reducing wear on the ground Cleaning pad:1. White pad: used for common clea



Scrubber Battery Maintenance

The battery is roughly divided into two types: wet battery and dry battery. Dry battery generally do not need maintenance, the new battery is replaced in about two years. Wet battery should pay attention to battery liquid scale, don't let it be lower than the minimum scale line, not higher than the



Why choose hand push floor scrubber?

Silicon carbide floor, epoxy floor and cement floor are commonly used floor materials for factory warehouses. In order to make the warehouse cleaner, factories generally use hand push floor scrubber and other mechanical equipment to clean the floor to improve the cleaning efficiency and cleanliness of the floor.



What do you know about manual push sweeper?

The wide application of energy has gradually begun to penetrate into our cleaning hand-push scrubber industry. Especially in the past two years, the Manual Push Sweeper from the ground machine seller and the rival of the terminal property cleaning company is increasing.



What are the components of a garbage vehicle?

Garbage vehicles are mainly used in various sanitary communities and large factories and mines to transport various waste, and can also transport ash, sand, stones, earth and other building materials, and can also transport ore or coal in mines or coal mines. The garbage vehicle consists of a sealed garbage chamber, a hydraulic system and an operating system.



Why do we need to use the mini floor scrubber?

Using the Mini Floor Scrubber, cleaners can replace different brush components to clean different floors, the effect is very significant, dozens of times higher than pure manual cleaning.

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