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78L commercial use Dry & Wet Vacuum Cleaning Machine


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It is wet and dry dual-purpose dust suction and water suction machine. It is suitable for hotels, large workshops, factories, shopping malls, car wash and other industries. The machine designed with strong suction, stainless steel barrel, crush resistance, durable, longer life.
  • OR-B78-2M

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  • OR-B78-2M

Industry Used:

    The machine utilizes a broad base structure, a design with universal wheels, making it effortless to roll and providing enhanced stability. The handle is designed to prevent slipping, ensuring comfort and ease when lifting and moving the machine on a daily basis. The barrel body is made of stainless steel, making it resistant to falls, corrosion, and easy to clean. Additionally, it is equipped with a waterproof and leak-proof switch, ensuring a more reliable usage experience.


Stainless Steel Barrel Body
Stainless steel barrel body is resistant to fall, corrosion resistant and easy to clean.


Rack Design

Rack design, stainless steel bucket body can be dumped, no need to lift to dump garbage.


Practical Lock Design
Simple and practical lock design, good sealing performance.

Product Description
B78-2M professional vacuum cleaner

 Waterproof And Anti-Leakage Switch 

Equipped with waterproof and anti-leakage switch, it is more reliable to use.

B25-A water suction dry & wet suction machine

 EVA Hose EVA 

EVA tensile and torsion resistant hose, fast recovery after deformation, long service life.

B78-2M stainless steel barrel suction machine

 Custom Dedicated Filter 

The vacuum cleaner comes with an integrated filter that is crafted from a type of fabric and can be reused multiple times. This dust filter boasts a superior rating and effectively gathers dust with great precision.

B25-A wireless vacuum cleaner

 Anti-Static Chain  

The cylindrical structure has anti-static properties and effectively safeguards the motor from harm. The cylindrical structure possesses anti-static characteristics and effectively shields the motor from potential damage.


产品特点-B78-2M High Power vacuum cleaner



One Speed
1 Voltage
2 Input Power 1200W*2
3 Motor Double Motors
4 Wind Volume 2.6m3/min*2
5 Tank Capacity 78L
6 Net Weight 22kg
7 Package Size(L*W*H) 540*590*960mm
* The product is continuously updated, the color and parameters are slightly changed, please contact us for details!
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B78-2M water suction dry & wet vacuum cleaner

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B25-A car vacuum cleaner

B25-A vacuum cleaners & floor care

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