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3 IN 1 Carpet Clean Machine


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The OR-DTJ3A three-in-one carpet extractor combines squeegee, roller brush and sewage collection, and is designed to clean all kinds of fabrics, sofas and carpets. The machine is equipped with an external hand-held water spray connector. Mainly used in offices, hotels, halls and other carpet sites.
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Industry Used:

    The body of The OR-DTJ3A three-in-one carpet extractor is made of stainless steel frame, the carpet fiber can be thoroughly cleaned. Transparent rotary sewage tank sealing cover design, dust-proof transparent water tank cover. When adding water, no dirt is taken into the water tank to reduce the risk of blockage of the nozzle.


Stainless Steel Nozzle

Unique streamlined design, the nozzle is made of high quality stainless steel, strong suction.


Optional Curtain Sucker

Optional curtain sucker, one machine for multiple purposes, eliminating the need for disassembly of curtains or sofa covers, water mist cleaning, and instant drying.


Wear-Resisting Movable Wheel
The movable wheel is made of mute and wear-resisting material, which makes working more smoother and longer service life.

Product Description
DTJ3A automatic carpet cleaning machine

 Waterproof And Anti-Leakage Switch 

Equipped with waterproof and anti-leakage switch, it is more reliable to use.

DTJ3A steam vacuum carpet cleaning machine commercial

 High-Power Suction 

The high-power suction pump can simultaneously recycle sewage while cleaning, making the carpet dry faster.

DTJ2A floor brushing machine carpet cleaning machine

 Special Roller Brush 

When the carpet is rotated at a high speed, the detergent can penetrate into the carpet, so that dirt and dust can be thoroughly cleaned.

DTJ2A carpet cleaning machine commercial

 Hand-Held Cleaning Tool  

Equipped with a hand-held cleaning tool, designed to clean carpet corners, smaller rooms and other corners, more thoroughly.


产品特点-DTJ3A wet and dry carpet and sofa cleaning machine



One Speed
1 Voltage/Frequency 220V/50Hz
2 Roll Brush Speed 1100rpm/min
3 Roll Brush Width 400mm
4 Power 1290W
5 Solution Tank 20L
6 Recovery Tank 18L
7 Size (L*W*H)
* The product is continuously updated, the color and parameters are slightly changed, please contact us for details!
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professional carpet vacuum steam cleaner

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DTJ3A cordless carpet cleaner

DTJ3A carpet washing machine cleaner vacuum

DTJ3A carpet cleaning brush for vacuum cleaner

DTJ3A carpet industrial vacuum cleaner

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DTJ3A carpet cleaner machine commercial

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