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Battery Use Side Load Garbage Vehicle


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OR-H92 is a 100% electric side-mounted bucket cleaning truck, which integrates a bucket turning device and a garbage dumping. It can collect, store and clean all kinds of garbage in daily life. It is suitable for sanitation and cleaning departments to transport garbage.
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Industry Used:

    It adopts a special chassis design, with high overall strength and strong bearing capacity. Equipped with 4 CBM capacity waste bin, which greatly improves work efficiency. The tailgate of the compartment is hydraulically controlled, which can be fully opened to the roof, so that the garbage can be empty out at one time, and there is no garbage residue. The whole vehicle is a leak-free garbage transporter. During the operation, it is not easy for garbage and sewage to leak out.


4m³ Super-Large Capacity Dustbin

Pushing board is added inside the container to effectively compress the garbage in the box and improve the volume utilization rate.


Automatic And Reliable

This vehicle is easy to operate, automatic and reliable. The hydraulic manual hand holder can control the trash hopper lifting and dumping.


Good Sealing Performance
The whole vehicle is a leak-free garbage transport vehicle. It has no garbage and sewage leaking out during the operation.

Product Description

 Vehicle Control System 

The vehicle control system has safety functions such as anti-electromagnetic interference, anti-speeding, electronic anti-slope, EPS and etc.; it adopts vacuum-assisted braking, which is safe.

8_H92 used garbage collection truck

 Strength And Strong Chassis 

The chassis is designed by riveting the longitudinal and transverse beams of the frame as a whole, and the special steel plate for truck is selected. The chassis has high overall strength and strong bearing capacity.

H92 garbage collection transport vehicle

 Automatic Hopper Dump System 

The trash hopper is lifted by hydraulic oil cylinder, by opening the rear door, it can incline 48°at the function of lifting oil cylinder. The garbage can be dumped once without any remnant.


 Large Capacity Dustbin  

Equipped with 4 CBM capacity waste bin, which greatly improves work efficiency. It can automatically lift 120L/240L standard barrel.


产品特点-H92 garbage transfer truck





Driving Power


Power Supply

3 Trash Hopper Capacity
4 Trash Can Capacity 120L/240L
5 Rated Loading 1500kg
6 Machine Dimension (L*W*H) 4260*1500*2180mm
* The product is continuously updated, the color and parameters are slightly changed, please contact us for details!
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garbage transportation truck

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H92 outside ride on road dust cleaning

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