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Hand-Push Water Spray Sweeper with 45L rubbish bin


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OR-MS-92S hand-push water spray manual sweeper is an upgrade product. The product is designed to add an automatic dust filter above the dust box, which causes the negative pressure state of the airflow in the dust box to prevent dust from overflowing and secondary pollution.
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  • OR-MS-92S

Industry Used:

    The OR-MS-92S hand-push water spray Manual Sweeper Working width is 920mm, working efficiency is up to 3680 m2/hour, saving labor and effort. The tire adopts imported rubber wheels, which is more flexible turning, and more wearable. The garbage bin is made of high-quality engineering plastics, corrosion-resistant, not easy to aging, no deformation. It is especially suitable for cleaning rubbish, leaves, wood chips, dust, iron filings and other garbage.


Large-Capacity Garbage

It adopts 40L large-capacity garbage bin for convenient loading and unloading; it is made of engineering plastics, which is resistant to corrosion, aging and deformation.


Universal Wheel
The sweeper has a universal wheel for easier steering.


Flexible And Convenient
The rotation part adopts closed bearing, which makes the whole machine flexible. The power loss can be reduced, more labor-saving than traditional sweeper.

Product Description
MS-92S manual sweeper

 Double High Pressure Nozzles 

It is equipped with double high pressure nozzles in front of the machine, which can effectively prevent dust fly when working.


 Side Brush Can Controlled Separately 

The height of side brush can be adjusted, and it can be raised up to reduce loss.


 Adjustable Brush 

The main brush and side brushes are made of high-density material, wear-resisting, prolonging service life. The height can be adjusted according to the ground conditions to ensure the cleaning effect.


 Wear-Resisting Rubber Roller  

The rear wheel adopts large size rubber roller, which has low noise, wear resistance and longer service life.


产品特点-MS-92S small street sweeper



One Speed
1 Sweeping Width 920mm
2 Cleaning Efficiency 3680m2/h
3 Water Tank Capacity 5L
4 Trash Bin 45L
5 Net weight 26kg
6 Machine Dimensions 1035*920*1300mm
* The product is continuously updated, the color and parameters are slightly changed, please contact us for details!

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