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Advantages Of Electric Sweeper

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After decades of development, our sweeper industry has developed from abandon sweeper to many types, and the performance and quality of the products have been improved rapidly. Especially after the reform and opening up, the performance and reliability of the products are greatly improved by importing key outsourcing parts. To meet the requirements of our sanitation department for pavement cleaning, Road sweeper manufacturers should choose a suitable research direction for sweeping cars.

With the development and progress of the society, the market will put forward more requests from the aspects of multi-function, environmental protection, economy and so on, and call for the vacuum sweeper that can meet all kinds of needs. Under these circumstances that the environmental friendly and economical electric sweeper appears. This new model can be used to clean the ground, strreet, road side teeth, it can also sprinkle water on the ground after cleaning. It is more suitable for the cleaning in the square, highway, residential district, parking lot, yad, station, cement plant, power plant and other places.

Main features

1. The appearance is compact. It is the most suitable type of narrow streets in domestic sweeper. Easy to operate, no driver's license.

2. The cleanliness can reach more than 85%. The cleaning speed is fast, the dust is small, and the energy consumption is low.

3. Each vehicle can reach the workload of many cleaners, and it is the first choice to improve work efficiency.

4. Electric sweeper can replace cleaners, make the city more neat and beautiful, and electric sweeper is the best choice.

Solve problems

1. People's health problems in the dusty environment.

2. Environmental indicators required by national laws or local regulations.

3. The problem of pavement damage caused by dust or garbage;

4. The problem of dust pollution in the production workshop.

Economic analysis

1. The road sweeper is equivalent to 6-40 times manual labor.

2. Reducing the degree of dust pollution to the environment (saving time and financial resources, reducing the appearance of the product by manual cleaning, cleaning and maintenance of mechanical equipment, and periodic environmental sanitation, etc.)

3. Improve work efficiency and improve operator's enthusiasm.

4. A good and clean environment improves the city's image.

5. High efficiency: it can sweep 8000 square meters per hour.

6. Low cost of cleaning: electric sweeper can replace 12-15 cleaner, saving a lot of manual wages, welfare benefits.

7. Good cleaning effect: the electric sweeper adopts the way of sweeping and suction, which is much cleaner than the traditional manual cleaning.

We aim to become a reliable professional supplier in the environmental protection machinery industry.
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