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Industrial And Sanitation Cleaning Problems And Solutions

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I. Industrial Cleaning Problems And Solutions

Cleaning problems:

1. The workshop area is large and the efficiency of manual cleaning is low.

2. Dust on the ground is more likely to generate dust when cleaning, causing secondary pollution.

3. It is difficult to clean the ground where the oil is relatively serious.

4. Manual cleaning takes time and effort, the cleaning effect is not satisfactory.

5. It is difficult to recruit cleaners and labor costs are also increasing year by year.


When sweeping the floor of the workshop, you can sweep the floor first with a hand-push or driving sweeper to sweep away most of the dust and other debris. When cleaning, take care not to sweep the rope and other easily-wound items, and then use ride-on type or hand-push type scrubber thoroughly clean the ground. If the ground oil is relatively serious, cleaning agents can be properly added to remove oil from the ground. Driving type sweeper is usually used when cleaning floor of the workshop. Before cleaning, check the full load of the garbage box and the wear degree of the side brush and main brush, and control the speed in the working process.

2. Sanitation Cleaning Problems And Solutions

Cleaning problems:

1. The sanitation of municipal roads is mostly man-made and the cleaning efficiency is low.

2. The cost of artificial sanitation-based sanitation is high, and the cleaning effect is difficult to achieve.

3. The use of traditional tools easily cause secondary pollution.

4. The changes in the environment of road sanitation are difficult to adapt quickly.


According to the different areas of the cleaning, the sanitation can be solved by different types of sweeps. The sidewalks or narrow roads can be cleaned with a hand push machine. The ground can not have water, nor can it be used after the rain. The street road can be cleaned by a large driving machine. The efficiency and cleanliness of the sanitation work can be greatly improved by the combination of two different cleaning sweepers.

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