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Analysis of Mini Sweeper or Scrubber

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With the upgrading of China's industrial structure, especially the gradual expansion of the secondary and tertiary industries, the demand for clean and hygienic services is getting higher and higher, and a large amount of modern clean equipment is urgently needed to solve the problems. In addition, with the rising cost of labor, the traditional cleaning methods do not meet the needs of the times. Today, road sweeper or floor scrubber as a new generation of cleaning equipment, with its technological advantages are gradually conquered the cleaning market.

Road sweeper or floor scrubber work efficiency, usually a machine equivalent to more than 10 people's workload. Brush plate can produce a strong friction, so that production costs and cleaning effects are guaranteed. Complete cleaning, mopping, drying and other cleaning procedures, making cleaning easier and more efficient, to achieve the perfect cleaning effect.

Today, the design of cleaning equipment is experiencing changes beyond functional considerations, making the design of the equipment even more appealing. The types of equipment used in different environments are also more subdivided. Considering that the equipment can be used freely in the small or obstructed area, the innovative design of the mini road sweeper, used in hospitals, schools, restaurants, fitness centers, shopping malls.

In this case, the mini road sweeper can overcome the bulky problems of the conventional sweeper and can be used for floor cleaning in some small spaces. On the other hand, with very low noise, it is also capable of cleaning in sensitive medical settings. Easy to operate and safe to use for excellent cleaning results.

At present, mini car wash and mini sweeper car can meet the needs of modern clean market both in function and appearance, and has the advantages that traditional cleaning tools do not have. We believe that as technology advances, The development of mini-type cleaning equipment must be more intelligent.

We aim to become a reliable professional supplier in the environmental protection machinery industry.
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