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Brief Introduction Of Electric Sweeper

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There are two main types of electric sweeper:

One type of electric sweeper is a cleaning tool designed specifically for home floors and carpets. The rechargeable battery is used as the power supply, and the functions of cleaning and vacuuming are arranged in one body, which is light and fast, and is suitable for home use.

The other is the driving electric sweeper, also known as electric sweeper, which is specially designed for large area environmental cleaning. It uses high performance rechargeable battery as power, and the electric road sweeper uses the steering wheel to control. Mainly used in workshop workshop, factory area, warehouse, park, residential area, logistics center, express transfer station, square, wharf and other relatively smooth indoor and outdoor cleaning.

Features of electric sweeper:

1. Modular design, can realize quick disassembly, convenient for routine maintenance;

2. The appearance is simple, beautiful and novel;

3. Configuration side brush, high efficiency, cleanliness can reach 98%;

4. Equipped with sprinkler dust suppression device, improve cleaning efficiency, improve the operating environment;

5. Disc steering system, easy to operate;

6. Advanced high-performance, high-capacity maintenance free batteries, no leakage, zero emission.

Working principle

Electric sweeping machine mainly through the side brush to sweep the garbage to the main brush area; The main brush put a few large garbage thrown into the garbage storage box; pumping system is located in front of the sweeper can produce very large suction. Dust is filtered through the filtration system to prevent the exhaust gas from polluting the environment and causing damage to the health of the sweeper operator.

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