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The Current Situation Of Large Cleaning Machinery

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At present, the large road cleaning machines can be divided into two categories in general, one is vacuum type and the other is pure sweep type.

1. Pure Vacuum Road Cleaning Machine

During the work process, using a mechanically driven rotary brush sweeping some light weight rubbish such as paper, plastic bags and leaves. The mechanical cleaning device a high-speed rotation of the big power fan, formed a partial vacuum in the inlet, and then use the air suction  adsorbed garbage to the dustbin.

The advantage of the sucking road sweeping machine is that the workers only need to sit in the driver's cab, and the working conditions are good, and less dust. This suction type sweeping machine widely used in large and medium-sized cities road.

But there are also some shortcomings, first of all is the high cost of use. In addition to the purchase cost of the chassis and the cab, it will consume a lot of fuel (gasoline or diesel) during the whole process of cleaning. In addition, suction and sweeper mechanical cleaning ability is limited, because the suction fan formation is limited, therefore, it can only absorb lighter rubbish, such as paper, leaves and plastic shopping bags, but some heavier trash, for example stone, cigarette butts, bottle cap, cinder, iron is not easy to be absorbed into the garbage box. As a result, the suction sweeping machine is less capable of cleaning these heavier wastes, which limits its applications. Therefore, many cities still retain the use of manual cleaning machine to sweep the urban main road, which will bring a greater personal safety hazard to the cleaning workers.

2. Pure Sweeping Road Cleaning Machine

The structure of pure sweeping road sweeping machine is relatively simple. Its main component is a circular brush roller arranged together by a number of brushes. The roller brush rotates constantly during the work, sweeping the garbage away from the road.

The pure sweeping road sweeper has a strong ability to sweep the road. Besides heavy litter such as paper, plastic bags and leaves, some heavier wastes, such as stone, coal ash, cigarette butt and iron scrap, can also be well cleaned. At the same time, the structure of pure sweep road sweeper is relatively simple, the price is low, and the consumption of oil is less. But the pure sweep road sweeper also has one big disadvantages when it works, that is easy to raise the dust. So the pure sweeping road sweeper is mostly applied to lower levels of roads and factory with less vehicles.

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