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Selection of Accessories For Electric Scrubbing Machine

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Brush plate:

1. Soft brush: Used to clean the smooth floor or polish

2. Nylon brush: for common ground cleaning (standard configuration)

3. Hard brush: used to remove stubborn dirt on the ground

4. Needle: with the cleaning pad, reducing wear on the ground

Cleaning pad:

1. White pad: used for common cleaning and polishing, marble and smooth ground

2. Red pad: for common ground cleaning

3. Black pad: used to remove stubborn dirt

Applicable scope

Floor Scrubber is usually used for ground cleaning in hotels, hotels, parks, squares, factories, workshops and other places. The functions are complete, high performance, suitable for tile surface, stone ground, epoxy ground, emery ground, terrazzo floor, plastic floor, glazed tile, PVC ground and other hard ground surface, cleaning oil and other dirt .

Usage method

1. Check the power cord for damage, if intact, can be at the bottom of the counterclockwise direction installation needle, cleaning pad or brush plate, Wash smooth ground, it should be installed compact pressure pad pad; wash not smooth floor should be fitted with a brush, the handle adjusted to facilitate their own point of view.

2. Check the switch of floor scrubber is off, plug in the electricity.

3. Put the power line on the back, holding the handle with both hands, and then open the switch, to confirm failure-free , You can start your work.

4. Do not rely on their own strength to force the machine to move around, but by pressing the handle, making the machine itself move naturally with the movement of the machine body.

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