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Brief Introduction Of Floor Scrubber

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Floor scrubber is a kind of washing machine which is suitable for cleaning the hard ground while sucking the sewage and bringing the sewage away from the field. It has the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency. Washing machine is divided into semi-automatic washing machine, automatic washing machine, hand push washing machine, driving type washing machine.

The use of floor scrubbing machine is not long in China, but in developed countries in all areas of society has been very common, especially in some stations, docks, airports, warehouses, workshops, schools, hospitals, restaurants, stores and other places has broad hard ground, to replace the human mechanical cleaning. Hard ground general terrazzo, marble and granite, artificial stone, tile, PVC, stainless steel, traditional cleaning method is adding dust mop, then use the brush machine and water machine for daily cleaning, recently due to the large number of foreign enterprises to set up factories in the mainland, the use of washing the machine can be widely accepted.


1. Brush motor drive brush head, cleaning the ground, under the action of cleaning liquid / agent, play a better cleaning effect.

2. Under the action of suction motor and scraping belt, the sewage on the ground into the sewage tank.

3. Water tank - independent water tank or diaphragm type water tank, respectively with clean water and sewage.

4. There are two ways of power supply, one is alternating current, the other is direct current, that is battery .

5. Driving mode: driving with power, easy to control, labor-saving, efficient; driving without power, relatively laborious.

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