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Common failures and treatment methods for sweeper

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It is a problem that many people are concerned about whether it is difficult to repair the road sweeper, so we have sorted out common problems and maintenance methods for street sweeper, hoping to help everyone troubleshooting.

First, the road sweeper can't run

1. Fuse damage, solution; change fuse.

2. Battery power shortage, solution: timely charge.

3 . In the state of parking brake, solution: close the parking brake.

Second, the road cleaner can't clean up

1. The main brush is wound with ribbon, the solution is to remove the wound.

2. Triangle strip is disconnected, solution is to replace the triangle belt.

3. The main brush motor damage, the solution: the replacement of the main brush motor.

4. Fuse damage, solution: replace fuse.

Third, residue of ground waste

1. The main brush pressure is too small, the solution: adjust the main brush.

2. The speed is too fast when cleaning, the solution: slow down the cleaning speed.

3 . The garbage box is full, the solution: pour out the garbage.

Fourth, too much dust when cleaning

1. Filter plugging, the solution: open the dust switch.

2 . Filter damage, solution: replace filter.

Fifth, unable to sprinkle water

1. Water tank water shortage, the solution: timely plus water.

2. Nozzle clogging, solution: guide the nozzle.

3. Water pump and motor damage, solution: change the pump and motor.

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