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Daily Maintenance Tips Of Sweeper Or Scrubber

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The replacement cycle of the washing machine and sweeping machine is not fixed, according to the roughness of the user ground and the frequency of use of the machine, the general cleaning machine wearing parts replacement cycle shorter than the washing machine. Now we are two kinds of cleaning equipment, wearing parts replacement were analyzed.

The main parts of the sweeping machine wearing parts are brushes, the sweeping brush contains the rolling brush and the side brush in the machine, the replacement period of the two wearing parts is also different, the replacement period of the side brush is shorter, brush replacement cycle longer. Most users change the sweep machine vulnerable parts, both the main brush and side brush change together, which in fact caused a part of waste.

More important point is that when using the machine, it is necessary to pay attention to the height of the brush and the ground, too high, cleaning is not clean, too short, the waste of the brush, so the user should pay attention to the use of washing machine. Scrubbing machine wearing parts contain two, one is brush plate, and the other is a water strip (also known as absorbent tape). Under normal circumstances, water strip about 3-4 months to replace, brush plate generally six months to replace. Here to remind users that: water strip of scrubber can be turned up and down to use.

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