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Do you use the scrubbing machine right?

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Today, many factories use floor scrubber to clean the floor. Whether they are push-type or drive-type scrubber, they can bring excellent cleaning results to factory, improve safety, reduce costs, and maximize work efficiency. The factory scrubbing machine is to replace the traditional manual. If there is no correct operation standard, it will bring different damage to the washing machine. The specification of the use of the ground washing machine in the factory can be divided into three points.

First, after purchasing scrubber, please do not operate the machine before assembling the machine. Read the instructions carefully. Before operating the machine, please check the integrity of the machine. It is better not to operate machine until you know the function of the related operation buttons.

Second, in the area of factory workshop which needs to be cleaned, it is suggested to use hand push machine, mainly for some non water-soluble large particles, metal wire, lathe waste, small stone and other wastes which will affect the work of water absorption. The reason is that the squeegee should be formed with the ground. Only enclosed space can recover the sewage, otherwise it will not work normally.

Third, if the factory's workshop is particularly dirty ground, wash many times, then absorb water, or choose different detergents to improve the cleaning effect. If there is a deep groove in the factory floor, please do not directly use the scrubbing machine. It will easily cause the collision of the scrubbing machine, and affect the water absorption efficiency of the machine. According to the actual situation on the ground, the operator should make accurate judgments. Due to the uneven floor conditions of workshop, there is still water after cleaning, the brush plate can be raised, start the water absorbing switch, push the scrubber to absorb repeatedly in the water area.

The above three points are the correct specification of the scrubber. It can improve environment of the factory, the living and working environment of the workers, improve the working efficiency, and greatly increase the life of the washing machine.

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