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How to keep the sweeper running normally in winter?

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In most areas of China, the winter climate is cold, the outdoor surface often ice or heavy snow, the car is prone to failure when driving on the road. The sweeper is no exception, so how should we maintain the road cleaning machine in winter?

1. Battery maintenance: in low temperature environment, the capacity of battery will be much lower than that at room temperature. Many batteries that can be used normally at normal temperature will suddenly lose power when they arrive in cold area. Therefore, in the winter, we should do a good job in maintenance of the battery, and check the storage and electricity of the battery in time.

2. Maintenance of air conditioning: This is mainly for all-closed driving type sweeper, which can be equipped with air conditioning. If the sweeper has installed air conditioning, while in winter driving without refrigeration, so air conditioning system will be a long time stop, and the refrigeration system components will be killed by a phenomenon caused by the starting resistance increase, so that air-conditioning electromagnetic clutch slip, but also make axis seam dry, causing leakage. Therefore, refrigeration system of sweeper should be maintained in winter. It is recommended to start the air conditioning refrigeration system 2-3 times a month, about 10 minutes every time, so as to prevent the parts from killing.

3. Engine maintenance: sweeper engine, first of all select correct oil, because the winter with the lower temperature, lubricating oil will become more conventional adhesion, if the vehicle is to be in a cold area, you can according to the local temperature to choose suitable coolant.

4. Tire care: especially in winter snow and freezing weather, the road is slippery, tire pressure is not too high or too low. Some owners worry about snow skidding, so it is not advisable to reduce tire pressure, because low external temperature and low tire pressure will accelerate tire aging.

5. Sweeper is used in maintenance free high performance battery, so when we are in daily use, should pay attention to cleaning vehicle power, our proposal is sweeping cars full of electricity in the rest of the time, due to the charging of lead-acid battery is a certain number of life, therefore, try to do full charge and full discharge.

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