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Introduction and Classification of Ground Washing Machine

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The ground washing machine is a kind of clean machine, which is suitable for hard ground, cleaning the sewage and taking the sewage away. It has the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency and so on. Washing machine is increasingly popular in China, and used in all areas of society, especially in stations, docks, airports, warehouses, workshops, schools, hospitals, restaurants, stores. These areas have broad hard ground, to replace human mechanical cleaning concept. The washing machine is suitable for clean hard floor, such as terrazzo, marble, granite, artificial stone, floor tile, PVC, fine steel sand, epoxy and so on. In China, the traditional way of cleaning is mop and dust push. These ways are inefficient and occupy a lot of time and cost. Nowadays, the washing machine has been tending to be internalized. The land washing products developed independently in China are more and more recognized by the people because of their high cost performance and convenient after-sales service.

The washing machine can be divided according to operation mode, power supply mode and machine size. According to operation mode, the machine can be divided into driving type washing machine and hand push type ground washer. Driving type washing machine is usually relatively large capacity, water tank can reach 70 liters -150 liters for battery power supply, can adapt to large areas of clean operation. When driving the washing machine can complete brush and absorb water.

Hand push type washing machine: the capacity of the water tank is generally small, usually about 30-50 liters. When people are standing behind the machine, they move the machine forward. Now there are some machines that do not need manpower and can move forward only with the help of the power of the brush plate, but this kind of machine also needs people to control the direction.

According to the mode of power supply, it can be divided into: battery floor scrubber and wire type floor scrubber. Battery type washing machine: battery power supply, use of traditional lead-acid battery, kind of low cost battery, easy maintenance. It is generally 24V voltage and can be recharged repeatedly, especially suitable for use in places such as outdoor, square and other power supply inconvenient places. Wire type washing machine: power supply mode is directly used by power grid. The domestic voltage is 220V, the use time is not limited, but the defect is controlled by the length of the power line. If the area is too large or the power supply is inconvenient, it is not suitable. There is no battery, so the price of wire scrubbing machines will be relatively lower.

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