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Maintenance Of The Battery For Road Sweeper

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The electric sweeper mainly uses the battery as the power source to complete cleaning function. Battery is the life source of the electric sweeper. A good battery can make the sweeper work normally for eight hours, or even longer. Similarly, a bad battery will also reduce the efficiency of workers. In a word, the maintenance of the battery for the electric sweeper is essential. Only the maintenance is good, the cleaning machine is efficient and has longer service life.

The life of the battery is measured by the number of battery discharge. According to incomplete statistics, the battery life of an electric sweeper is generally from two to three years.

Battery safety specification for electric sweeper:

1. To avoid the battery in a low voltage state for a long time, it should be recharged as soon as possible.

2. Maintenance free batteries, there is no need to add electrolyte.

3. To avoid electricity leakage, keep the battery dry and clean, especially to remove pollutants such as metal dust.

4. Metal parts, such as tools, are forbidden to be placed on the battery to prevent the battery from shorting.

5. When the battery is recycled, please comply with the local regulations.

6. Fire is prohibited in handling batteries.

7. The charging room should be well ventilated.

8. When the key switch on (ON) position is not allowed to connect and remove the battery.

Battery maintenance:

1. Oxide on battery pole and wire joint should be removed in time.

2. When the electricity is used up, it should be charged in 24 hours, otherwise the battery will be damaged.

3. It is best to keep the battery with 20-30%. Excessive discharge will affect the battery life.

4. Please make sure that the battery is in good contact when the battery is charged. The charger plug is in good contact with the battery plug.

5. The electric sweep machine should be charged every two to three months when not used for a long time.

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