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Misuse Of Road Cleaning Machine

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Now the cleaning machine has been widely used in streets, communities, parks, schools, workshop, warehouse, where the drive cleaning equipment can not be used. In the application process, because the operator is careless or some wrong understanding of the sweeper, leading to frequent failure of sweeper. So how to correctly understand the misunderstandings of the sweeping machine and reduce the failure?

1. The bolt, tighter is better?

A lot of fasteners connected by bolts and nuts on the sweeper should be guaranteed to have enough pretightening force, but they can not be tightened too tightly. If the screw is too tight, on the one hand, it will cause permanent deformation of the connection part under the action of external force, on the other hand, it will cause the bolt to produce permanent tensile deformation, and the preload force will decrease, even cause the slide button or break.

2. The belt, tighter is better?

The pumps and generators of the sweeper engine are driven by a triangular belt. If the belt is adjusted too tight, it is easy to stretch and deform, and at the same time, the pulley and bearing can easily cause bending and damage. In general, the tightness of the drive belt should be adjusted to the middle of the belt, which is 3% to 5% of the center distance between the two ends of the belt.

3. The more oil is better?

If too much oil, sweeper engine crankshaft and connecting rod handle at work will produce violent agitation, not only increase the sweeper internal engine power loss, but also splashing onto the casing wall, and burning exhaust oil fault. Therefore, it is not only the cleaning machine of the sanitation, but the oil quantity of any vehicle should be controlled between the top and the lower line of the oil scale. When we use the sweeper, we must have a correct understanding of the nature of the product. Before we use it, we must read the instructions in detail, pay attention to daily inspection and maintenance, and understand the functions of the sweeper, so that we can really reduce the breakdown of the sweeper from the source.

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