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The Development Trend Of Sweeper

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As the technology of the electric sweeper is constantly updated and perfected, the oil sweep machine will be withdrawn from the historical stage. The electric sweeper will become the mainstream of the cleaning industry.

Although the fuel cleaner has developed internal combustion engine technology, strong dynamic performance and low cost of manufacturing. If there is no sustainable supply of fuel, it will eventually be eliminated. The biggest disadvantage of the oil sweeper is the single source of energy. Electricity is a universal energy carrier. As a general energy carrier, electric power can be transformed through various forms. Any energy that is developed by human beings will first be transformed into electricity and used for electric sweeper. With the intellectualize of the electric sweeper and the advancement of the electrification process, the day of the exit of the oil sweeper will come in advance.

In addition, noise and air pollution caused by fuel sweeper are also a big problem. Finding new clean energy consumption mode makes the emergence of electric sweeper become inevitable.

The advantages of electric road sweeper:

1. In 12th Five-Year, the national plan of energy saving and environmental protection is put in the first place. The electric sweeper is more energy saving and environmental protection than the oil cleaner. It is worth promoting. The noise of the electric sweeper is also very low.

2. The motor structure is simple, the work is reliable and easy to maintain; the engine structure of the fuel cleaning machine is complex and difficult to maintain.

3. The electric sweeper in the energy is more energy saving than the oil cleaner, and it can save the expenses.

4. The biggest drawback of the fuel sweeper is that it must be kept at a low speed, so that the sweeping efficiency is very low. However, the electric sweeper is almost the same power consumption whether the road is crowded or unblocked. Therefore, especially for the urban road cleaning, the electric sweeper can greatly save the cost.

We aim to become a reliable professional supplier in the environmental protection machinery industry.
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