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The Simple Description For Manual Hand Push Sweeper

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Hand push road sweeper is a clean maintenance tool with pure mechanical drive and maintenance easily. Without power lines and batteries and any power source, the garbage can be recycled into the dustbin as long as it is swept. The cleaning and collection are completed simultaneously. High efficiency, one hand held sweeper can replace 6 cleaners.


1, Easy to use - push walking, you can easily recycle garbage into the dust collection box.

2, Without any power source - pure mechanical transmission. No battery, wire, diesel, gasoline and other power sources.

3, Maintenance is simple - the whole body can be washed with water. No need to replace batteries and other parts maintenance.

4, Labor-saving and efficient - cleaning and garbage collection can be completed at the same time, sweeping efficiency is 4-6 times the manual.

5, This hand push type sweeping machine is more durable - the whole machine is made of Engineering plastics. Corrosion resistance, aging resistance, no deformation.

6, Convenient storage and transportation - hand handle easy handling. Upright storage saves space.

7, Small loss the main brush and the height of both sides can be adjusted. Ensure the work efficiency while minimizing the loss.

Applicable Environment

1, Reduce the degree of dust pollution on the environment (save time and money, reduce manual cleaning of the appearance of products, periodic environmental sanitation work, etc.);

2, The product of the workshop dust pollution problems;

3, The health problems of people living in dusty environments;

4, Improve work efficiency, and improve the enthusiasm of the operator;

The walk behind sweeper is especially suitable for cleaning streets, residential areas, parks, courtyards, schools, workshops, storehouses, and large activity venues, etc., where power driven sweeping equipment is not suitable for use.

We aim to become a reliable professional supplier in the environmental protection machinery industry.
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