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What are the applications of ride-on floor scrubber?

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Ride-on floor scrubber is especially suitable for squares, garages, airports, hotel lobbies, large shopping malls, factories and other places in large environments. It can also be used for cleaning various floors, such as epoxy floors in factories, marble floors in hotel lobbies, non-slip floors, diamond floors, tile floors, cement floors, small brick floors, etc.

  • What are the features of ride-on floor scrubber?

  • What are the advantages of ride-on floor scrubber?

  • What are the reasons for a factory to choose a ride-on floor scrubber?

Ride-on Floor Scrubber

What are the features of ride-on floor scrubber?

Ride-on floor scrubber has two types: single brush type and double brush type, both of which are configurations with relatively high cleaning efficiency. A single brush type driving floor scrubber can complete the cleaning of the entire floor in small and medium-sized factories and warehouses. Larger areas can be selected. Double-brush type machine, quickly improve efficiency and get twice the result with half the effort. For factories and cleaning staff, ride-on floor scrubber is not only efficient, but also saves time and effort, is easier to operate and more comfortable to use.

What are the advantages of ride-on floor scrubber?

1. High efficiency

High efficiency, ride-on floor scrubber can clean thousands of to tens of thousands of floors in one hour, including brushing, water absorption, and stain removal. Compared with the cleaning workers of several hundred square meters per hour, the advantages of the ride-on washing machine are obvious.

2. More comfortable

A few years ago, cleaning workers did not dare to think that they could sit and clean, and the emergence of ride-on floor scrubber directly realized it. The ergonomic seat design keeps workers from getting tired even if they sit for a long time.

3. Good effect

Stubborn mud stains, oil stains, stains, etc., can be cleaned by ride-on floor scrubber without secondary cleaning. At the same time, ride-on floor scrubber can also be injected with detergents, disinfectants, etc., to achieve integrated disinfection.

4. Low cost

Ride-on floor scrubber has a service life of 8-10 years, and can be used for about 4-6 hours on a single charge. Cleaning workers can complete cleaning without driving the machine all day. Compared with traditional manual cleaning, the cost of mechanized cleaning is lower.

What are the reasons for a factory to choose a ride-on floor scrubber?

1. Good image

Some famous enterprises, famous factories, and well-known places use ride-on floor scrubber to highlight their temperament, make their image in the hearts of customers higher, and increase the transaction rate.

2. Save labor

A ride-on floor scrubber is equivalent to 8-10 cleaning workers, which refers to work efficiency. This means that paying one to two workers for one salary can save 5-6 people's expenses. These expenses can be used to purchase machines, and multiple units can be purchased, which will last for more than ten years.

3. Easy to recruit

Purely human cleaners have become more and more difficult to recruit in recent years, and the wages are also high, while semi-mechanical and semi-manual positions are easy to recruit, and the age limit is not so strict. You only need to operate the machine for a few hours a day, which is effortless and labor-saving.

These are the benefits brought by ride-on floor scrubber. In recent years, more mechanical cleaning equipment has landed on the ground, appearing in people's field of vision and improving the environment.

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