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What are the effects of using a battery road sweeper?

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The battery road sweeper is powered by a motor, combined with sweeping and vacuuming, and the cleaning system consists of side brushes and main brush with high cleaning efficiency, economy and environmental protection.

  • What are the effects of using a battery road sweeper?

  • How does the battery road sweeper work?

  • What are the features of the battery road sweeper?

a battery road sweeper

What are the effects of using a battery road sweeper?

  1. Health problems of people living in dusty environments;

  2. Environmental indicators that comply with the requirements of national laws or local regulations;

  3. The problem of premature and excessive road damage caused by dust or garbage;

  4. The problem that the products in the production workshop are polluted by dust;

  5. The problem that stationary or mobile machines in the production hall are polluted by dust;

How does the battery road sweeper work?

Most of the battery road sweepers on the market today work similar to a vacuum cleaner. When the road sweeper is working, the side brushes on both sides can sweep the garbage in the corner into the middle position to ensure the cleaning of the main brush, and then the main brush sweeps the collected garbage and sends it to the garbage storage box, located in the center of the machine. The suction system inside the machine can generate a strong suction force, filter out the dust in the filter system and prevent the formation of harmful gases. Some models are equipped with a water spray system at the bottom of the battery road sweeper, which can spray a small amount of water during cleaning to prevent secondary dust contamination.

the battery road sweeper

What are the features of the battery road sweeper?

The battery road sweeper is a new type of sweeping equipment driven by a new energy storage battery equipped with side brushes and roller brushes as well as dust collectors. It cleans, recycles waste and absorbs dust in one.

Features of the powered battery road sweeper:

1. Battery road sweeper is an electric operation, no noise, no exhaust emission, and improves the company image.

2. The battery road sweeper is small, flexible in steering, convenient in transmission and easy to maintain;

3. The battery road sweeper integrates suction, no secondary pollution and no dust.

4. The battery road sweeper has a good cleaning effect, as small as dust, sand, as big as stones, brick break, leaves, cigarette boxes.

5. The battery road sweeper not only has high cleaning efficiency and good effect, but also effectively avoids dust flying, dust cleaning and leakage in manual cleaning.

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