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What components are diesel sweepers made of?

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Ride-on diesel sweepers and road environmental sweepers can handle sand, earth, particles, etc. clean. Road waste such as stones, stone waste, etc.

  • What maintenance measures are in place for diesel sweepers?

  • What is the workflow of diesel sweepers?

  • What components are diesel sweepers made of?

diesel sweepers

What maintenance measures are in place for diesel sweepers?

The exterior of the vehicle maintenance of the diesel sweepers is scrubbed at regular intervals, and the main brush of the side brush is inspected to find out the problem in time, so as not to interfere with the work of the next day and complete the registration work of the day. Spare parts must be replaced regularly so as not to interfere with the normal operation of the sweeper. Work.

Operators must regularly check the components of diesel sweepers, especially the hydraulic cylinders, for possible oil leaks. At the same time, it is also an important factor affecting the performance of the vehicle whether the clutch limiting device is normal or not.

What is the workflow of diesel sweepers?

  1. The side brush of diesel sweepers sweeps the garbage in the corner from the outside inwards and sweeps it into the area where the main brush can sweep. the main brush sweeps the garbage in front of the suction hole.

  2. The suction hole continuously sucks waste cleaned by the sweeping brush into the trash bin.

  3. The filter system filters the dust to prevent the exhaust gas from polluting the environment and affecting the health of the operator.

  4. The suction system of diesel sweepers includes a high-performance fan, which can suck the garbage completely into the filter dust container of the shell. This housing filter dust container does not require frequent replacement or maintenance. Continuous swinging and vibrations during work can cause the machine to work for a long time without blockage and other phenomena.

What components are diesel sweepers made of?

  1. The hydraulic system of diesel sweepers consists of two parts: the lifting hydraulic circuit and the cleaning hydraulic circuit. The lifting circle controls the tilting of the garbage bin and the opening and closing of the tailgate; and the cleaning circle controls the rotation of the left and right sweeping brush, the extension and retrieval of the left and right sweeping brush.

  2. The energy system is mainly diesel engines. In general, diesel engines have advantages in terms of performance and fuel replacement. In general, the garbage that the sweeper sweeps can be described as large objects such as stones. It also has great practicality for the smoothness of the road surface, so there are more and more choices for road sweepers.

  3. The pneumatic system of diesel sweepers is driven by auxiliary motor to drive the fan, to generate working pressure in the closed garbage box, to suck the garbage into the garbage box and realize the cleaning function.

  4. The water system of diesel sweepers draws water from the storage tank. Equipped with water level indicator and inlet and outlet. During operation, the water nozzles continue to spray water according to operational requirements to avoid dust. The location and amount of water spraying are controlled by the operator accordingly.

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