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What do you know about floor scrubber?

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The vacuum floor scrubber is a great asset for any facility. Their flexible performance and efficient speed add fundamental value to many businesses. However, just like any other piece of equipment, they wear out over time.

  • Why are more and more businesses choosing ride-on floor scrubber?

  • What are the classifications of vacuum floor scrubber?

  • What are the advantages of using the vacuum floor scrubber?

Floor Scrubber

Why are more and more businesses choosing ride-on floor scrubber?

The ride-on floor scrubber used in the factory warehouse is completely focused on its work efficiency and cleanliness. A single piece of equipment can be worth ten cleaning workers, and it can save costs and manpower. For enterprises, why not do it.

In addition, with the strict requirements and specifications of the relevant departments for factory hygiene, the environmental hygiene of the factory is also very important. If it does not meet the standards, it is likely to face the risk of shutting down the factory for rectification. Therefore, the factory's hygiene requirements are stricter than before. This is one of the reasons why cleaning equipment such as the Ride-on Floor Scrubber can quickly land in factories.

What are the classifications of vacuum floor scrubber?

People's demand for floor cleaning machines in life is also accelerating. With the development of the times, various industries are constantly accelerating their development to adapt to the rapid development of the times. With the continuous development of technology, Vacuum Floor Scrubber is gradually developing in the direction of automation and one-click design. Cleaning is getting easier and more convenient.

The Vacuum Floor Scrubber actually falls into two categories. What is the difference between hand-push and ride-on scrubber machines, the same cleaning machine? Don't worry, the following is a detailed introduction of the finishing, I hope it will help you who are reading; the hand push scrubber machine is mainly suitable for various types of ground, mainly indoors, such as warehouses, factories, shopping malls, supermarkets Interior, hotel interior, etc., and the indoor cleaning area is relatively small.

What are the advantages of using the vacuum floor scrubber?

Calculated based on long-term use, the cost of using vacuum floor scrubber is definitely lower than manual cleaning, and manual cleaning of large areas is not enough for one person, at least a cleaning team of 3 to 5 people is needed to keep the ground clean, but this way the salary is particularly high, and another manager is needed to manage and plan. In contrast, vacuum floor scrubber can be operated by one person, which is faster, more efficient, and saves time, trouble and effort than manual floor scrubbing.

The vacuum floor scrubber can complete cleaning and adding water in a short working time. The brush plate and suction hose will be automatically lifted to prevent secondary damage to the ground caused by air leakage when the operator is turned off.

Orient Industrial Co., Ltd. is committed to providing all the vacuum floor scrubber required by customers at the most reasonable price.

We aim to become a reliable professional supplier in the environmental protection machinery industry.
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