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What is Multi-Functional Sweeper

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Multifunctional cleaning machine consists of handle, box body, tank wheel, gear, brush, and water sprinkler. Can be divided into hand push type, control type and other types. Among all types of work principle is similar, with walk behind sweeper as an example: the middle part of the frame mounted cylindrical brush wheel, a front mounted swivel casters, used to adjust the main brush the distance from the ground to the rear of the machine; two supporting wheels for carrying garbage and the weight of the motor. The front side brush is a conical type, the contact surface and the ground have a certain angle, and the distance from the ground is adjustable. When cleaning the main brush and side brush turns the garbage into the garbage box. The side brush is used to sweep the corner, sweep the rubbish into the cleaning range of the main brush, and enlarge the cleaning area. The effect of the hand sweeping sweeper is to sweep the rubbish into the main brush range with a certain angle from the side brush to the ground, and then rotate the force generated by the cylindrical brush to send the rubbish through the conveyor belt to the garbage bin to complete the continuous cleaning task.

Benefits of multi-functional sweeper

The multi-function cleaning machine has solved the problems of multi process of dragging, sweeping and loading garbage. It mainly faces the small environment and small road condition that large scavenging cars can't enter, reduces workers' working intensity and improves their work efficiency, and is especially suitable for roads in communities, campuses, companies, parks, squares, tourist attractions and villas. The benefits can be attributed to the following points:

1. Prompt the image of the enterprise. The multi-functional sweeper belongs to the electric operation, which produces little noise and no exhaust emissions, so even when it is in its work, it does not obstruct the image of the enterprise.

2. High efficiency . Multifunctional sweeping machine can be used according to site selection of different types of body, hand push type and mini sweeper has small volume, flexible turning, easy operation, suitable for the majority of artificial cleaning places; a charge over the last 6 hours, a car can be used instead of 5-6 work,  good cleaning effect, small dust, sand, gravel, broken bricks, large leaves, cigarette, beverage bottles, clean sweep.

3. The maintenance is convenient. The structure of the body is simple. Spare parts easy to replace.

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