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What is the basic structure of the vacuum cleaner?

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Vacuum cleaners can be divided into vertical, horizontal and portable depending on the structure. The working principle of the vacuum cleaner is to use the motor to drive the leaves so that they rotate at high speed to create negative air pressure in the sealed housing to absorb dust.

  • What is the basic structure of the vacuum cleaner?

  • What is the workflow of vacuum cleaners?

  • How does the vacuum cleaner work?

Vacuum cleaners

What is the basic structure of the vacuum cleaner?

  1. Power unit: vacuum cleaner motor and controller. The controller is controlled manually and mechanically.

  2. Motor: There are copper wire motors and aluminum wire motors.

  3. Copper wire motors have the advantages of high temperature resistance, long service life and long single operation time, but the price is higher than that of aluminum wires;

  4. The aluminum wire motor has the characteristics of a low price, but the temperature resistance is poor, the melting point is low, and the service life is not as long as that of the copper wire.

  5. Speed controller: Manual control is generally the throttle valve setting;

  6. Accessories: handles and hoses, nozzles, floor brushes, flat vacuum cleaner, round brushes, bedding brushes, sofa vacuum cleaner, hooks, belts.

What is the workflow of vacuum cleaners?

The vacuum cleaner mainly consists of three parts: dust collection, dust collection and dust filter. Generally, it includes a row-excited collector motor, centrifugal fan, dust filter (bag) and dust collection accessories. The power of general vacuum cleaners is 400–1000 W or more, and the power of portable vacuum cleaners is generally 250 W and less. The vacuum cleaner can remove dust, mainly because its "head" is equipped with an electric exhaust fan. On the rotating shaft of the exhaust fan is a wind turbine. 

After switching on the power, the exhaust fan generates high suction power and high pressure at a speed of 500 revolutions per second. The air in the fan is refilled, causing an immediate vacuum inside the vacuum cleaner to form a negative pressure difference with the external atmospheric pressure. Under the influence of this pressure difference, the dusty air is inhaled.

How does the vacuum cleaner work?

The working principle of the vacuum cleaner is that the motor of the vacuum cleaner rotates at high speed and the air is sucked out of the suction opening to create a certain vacuum in the dust box. The dust enters the dust filter bag in the dust box through the floor brush, nozzle, handle, hose and main suction tube, and the dust remains. In the dust filter bag, the filtered air enters the engine through a filter layer. This filter layer is a protective barrier that prevents the dust bag from tearing and dust being sucked into the engine. The air entering the engine flows through the engine. Wear, therefore a filter is added before it flows out of the vacuum cleaner.

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