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What kinds of floor sweeper machines are there?

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The floor sweeper machine is very convenient for fast charging, strong suction and good cleaning effect. At present, the floor sweeper machines has a high technical content and has functions such as automatic obstacle avoidance and zoned cleaning.

  • What kinds of floor sweeper machines are there?

  • What systems does the floor sweeper machine have?

  • What is the use value of floor sweeper machines?

The Floor Sweeper Machine

What kinds of floor sweeper machines are there?

Floor sweeper machine is mainly divided into two categories according to different driving methods: people walking behind (hand-push series) or people getting on the machine (driving series). In the first case, the machine is pushed directly by the operator, featuring compact dimensions and easy handling.

Instead, the ride-on floor sweeper machines is equipped with a driver's seat where the operator can steer the machine. The ergonomic seat and high work performance allow large spaces to be cleaned in less time without tiring the operator.

Further classification is based on the availability of sweepers: manual sweeper, battery/electric sweeper or gasoline and/or diesel powered.

What systems does the floor sweeper machine have?

The floor sweeper machines has a mechanical vacuuming system: two side brushes deliver dust to the roller brush with vacuum system: the former ends up in the rubbish bin, while the dust is filtered and captured without returning to the environment.

In addition to the standard system, the professional floor sweeper machine comes with a variety of accessories to make the job easier. Additional brushes with different types of bristles - natural or synthetic, or mixed with steel - improve machine performance; some models are with spray system which can reduce dust fly when the machine is working; canopy and enclosed cabin make it easier for operators to work outdoors comfortable.

What is the use value of floor sweeper machine?

In fact, the floor sweeper machines is a machine capable of removing the finest dust and coarsest debris from any surface in a short amount of time with the use of a brush and vacuum with no operator effort required. Therefore, it is an essential tool for those who need to clean their indoor and outdoor environments multiple times during the day.

The floor sweeper machines can be used for cleaning in any dirty conditions and on different types of surfaces: concrete, asphalt, elastic or plastic materials, etc. As a result, sweepers are used in all fields: from hobby to semi-professional to professional; from industrial sites to community settings such as schools or hospitals; from public buildings to large shopping malls and logistics areas; in ports and airports, and even on roads and highways.

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