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What role does the road sweeper play?

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As one of the sanitary equipment, the road sweeper is a new type of high efficiency sweeper that integrates road traffic, waste recycling and transportation.

What role does the road sweeper play?

Road sweepers can be widely used on major highways, pavements of municipalities and airports, urban residential areas, parks and other road cleaning. The road sweeper can not only clean the garbage, but also dust and clean the air medium on the road, which not only ensures the beauty of the road, maintains the hygiene of the environment, maintains and reduces the good operating condition of the road surface, and prevents traffic accidents. and further extend the service life of the road surface.

Sweeper is a special sanitary vehicle equipped with cleaning systems such as sweeping brushes. It is mainly used for cleaning work in large and medium-sized urban cleaning companies. The road sweeper significantly frees the labor intensity of sanitary workers, improves work efficiency and reduces secondary pollution such as dust.

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What are the functions of the road sweeper?

1. Road sweeper is a dry road sweeper with full suction power. All operations are completed with airflow, combined with sweeping and suction, and there is no secondary dust.

2. Road sweeper saves energy and it is a dry suction type. Once the machine has passed, the floor will be clean.

3. The cleaning effect of the road sweeper is good. From dozens of micrometers of dust to general small stones, leaves and other deposits can be effectively removed, the cleaning efficiency is more than 98%.

4. The road sweeper has simple structure, few wear parts, convenient use and maintenance and easy operation.

5. Sweeper has low maintenance cost.

What advantages does the road sweeper have over manual work?

1. Work efficiency, the same working area road sweeper time is greatly shortened;

2. Cleaning cost, it is sure that the cleaning cost per unit area of road sweeper is lower than that of work;

3. Cleaning effect, road sweeper can avoid the problem of uneven use of detergent and uneven cleaning effect;

4. Safety performance, road sweeper allows cleaners to be in a safe environment (there are too many vehicles on the road and their own safety awareness is not strong).

5. Economic return, take as an example a road sweeper, how much it spent on the day it was no longer used is its real price. Investment costs are added to operating costs and labor costs.

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