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  • The Current Situation Of Large Cleaning Machinery

    At present, the large road cleaning machines can be divided into two categories in general, one is vacuum type and the other is pure sweep type.1. Pure Vacuum Road Cleaning MachineDuring the work process, using a mechanically driven rotary brush sweeping some light weight rubbish such as paper, plas Read More

  • Specification for use of driving sweeper

    Driving type sweeping machine is currently the most important ground cleaning tools, is widely used in various fields, such as schools, factories, municipal sanitation, residential property and so on. In order not to affect the sweeping efficiency and effectiveness of sweeping machines, during the u Read More

  • Selection of Accessories For Electric Scrubbing Machine

    Brush plate:1. Soft brush: Used to clean the smooth floor or polish2. Nylon brush: for common ground cleaning (standard configuration)3. Hard brush: used to remove stubborn dirt on the ground4. Needle: with the cleaning pad, reducing wear on the ground Cleaning pad:1. White pad: used for common clea Read More

  • Scrubber Battery Maintenance

    The battery is roughly divided into two types: wet battery and dry battery. Dry battery generally do not need maintenance, the new battery is replaced in about two years. Wet battery should pay attention to battery liquid scale, don't let it be lower than the minimum scale line, not higher than the Read More

  • What kinds of floor sweeper machines are there?

    The Floor Sweeper Machine is very convenient for fast charging, strong suction and good cleaning effect. At present, the Floor Sweeper Machine has a high technical content and has functions such as automatic obstacle avoidance and zoned cleaning. What kinds of Floor Sweeper Machines are there?What Read More

  • Why do we need heavy duty floor sweeper?

    Cleanliness is critical to any business. Not only does it increase the attractiveness of your business establishment, but it also keeps your employees and customers safe. This is why maintaining a set of cleaning tools is necessary for maintaining business property. While traditional cleaning tools like brooms or mops can be used in smaller spaces, they're not enough if you have a large building that requires regular cleaning. You need a Heavy duty Floor Sweeper that is durable and easy to use. Investing in a Heavy duty Floor Sweeper is cost effective as your employees will save time and effort while cleaning. Read More

  • What components are diesel sweepers made of?

    Ride-on diesel sweepers and Road Environmental Sweepers can handle sand, earth, particles, etc. clean. Road waste such as stones, stone waste, etc. Read More

  • Why do we need to use the mini floor scrubber?

    Using the Mini Floor Scrubber, cleaners can replace different brush components to clean different floors, the effect is very significant, dozens of times higher than pure manual cleaning. Read More

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