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  • The Current Situation Of Large Cleaning Machinery

    At present, the large road cleaning machines can be divided into two categories in general, one is vacuum type and the other is pure sweep type.1. Pure Vacuum Road Cleaning MachineDuring the work process, using a mechanically driven rotary brush sweeping some light weight rubbish such as paper, plas Read More

  • Specification for use of driving sweeper

    Driving type sweeping machine is currently the most important ground cleaning tools, is widely used in various fields, such as schools, factories, municipal sanitation, residential property and so on. In order not to affect the sweeping efficiency and effectiveness of sweeping machines, during the u Read More

  • Selection of Accessories For Electric Scrubbing Machine

    Brush plate:1. Soft brush: Used to clean the smooth floor or polish2. Nylon brush: for common ground cleaning (standard configuration)3. Hard brush: used to remove stubborn dirt on the ground4. Needle: with the cleaning pad, reducing wear on the ground Cleaning pad:1. White pad: used for common clea Read More

  • Scrubber Battery Maintenance

    The battery is roughly divided into two types: wet battery and dry battery. Dry battery generally do not need maintenance, the new battery is replaced in about two years. Wet battery should pay attention to battery liquid scale, don't let it be lower than the minimum scale line, not higher than the Read More

  • What is Multi-Functional Sweeper

    Multifunctional cleaning machine consists of handle, box body, tank wheel, gear, brush, and water sprinkler. Can be divided into hand push type, control type and other types. Among all types of work principle is similar, with walk behind sweeper as an example: the middle part of the frame mounted cy Read More

  • Industrial And Sanitation Cleaning Problems And Solutions

    I. Industrial Cleaning Problems And SolutionsCleaning problems:1. The workshop area is large and the efficiency of manual cleaning is low.2. Dust on the ground is more likely to generate dust when cleaning, causing secondary pollution.3. It is difficult to clean the ground where the oil is relativel Read More

  • Advantages Of Electric Sweeper

    After decades of development, our sweeper industry has developed from abandon sweeper to many types, and the performance and quality of the products have been improved rapidly. Especially after the reform and opening up, the performance and reliability of the products are greatly improved by importi Read More

  • Analysis of Mini Sweeper or Scrubber

    With the upgrading of China's industrial structure, especially the gradual expansion of the secondary and tertiary industries, the demand for clean and hygienic services is getting higher and higher, and a large amount of modern clean equipment is urgently needed to solve the problems. In addition, Read More

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